You’ve heard Outlaws, you’ve heard Damsels and you’ve heard Rockabilly’s but you haven’t yet heard anything like The Waymores.

Comprised of Kira Annalise and Willie Heath Neal, The Waymores are the epitome of

Acoustic Country Music: He was born in a cop car, lived in and out of foster care, and

served in the Navy. She used to get stage fright until she was swept up by his charm

and grit, started singing country songs, and never looked back. Now they’re writing

songs from the road and bringing their intimate, fun, and quirky one-liner-jabs to

venues across the country. The Waymores take what’s real about life and relationships

and add music, jokes, and whiskey; it can be beautiful, it can be painful, it can get

inappropriate, and it’s completely unrehearsed, unexpected, and dangerously

wonderful. Their debut album, Weeds, was released in April, 2019 and has received a great response from listeners and reviewers alike.